Michaela J. Petrusevski

Date: January 19, 2018


My name is Michaela Petrusevski, I am a student at Moraine Valley Community College currently going for three certifications as well as my A.A. degree. I am also a freelance video editor and writer, I do some of my writing and even video editing under a pen name as a hobby. (The reason being for personal reasons and because a lot of people struggle to pronounce my real last name, if you want to know my pen name just ask!)

Although I will warn you now my artwork, writing and videos are dark in many ways, they discuss some themes that not all will like, which I understand completely, while I do have some not very dark content most of it is and I do this because so few people are willing to delve into that part of the world. Plus some people need to see that in order to understand the world for what it is. I also do this, especially in my writing so that people can read it and realize that they are not alone and giving those people a voice when they may feel as though they don’t have one.

I hope to become a professional video editor, working for even a small company would be a dream of mine. Website development, design, and multimedia design are other things I enjoy and are part of a backup plan should video editing not work out.

One piece of advice I would like to give you is this: Do not give up, do not give in, do not throw away what makes you happy or what you are passionate about just because others may not approve or like it. It is yours and that passion will carry you through life.

-Michaela J. Petrusevski